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Heraeus ZANDOSIL®: Unlocking ceramic innovations with pyrogenic silica

The ceramics industry, like almost no other industry, is significantly influenced by the raw materials used. Both the quality of the product and the quality of production are largely influenced by these materials. The application requirements of technical and high-performance ceramics can only be achieved with highly specialized raw materials.

The material

Heraeus offers ZANDOSIL® for these particular requirements. ZANDOSIL® is a highly pure pyrogenic silica that is used as an additive in the ceramics industry. ZANDOSIL® stands out from competing products for the following properties:

💎 Remarkable SiO₂ Purity (>99.99 wt. %):

ZANDOSIL® boasts unparalleled purity levels, eliminating undesired impurities for a precise, high-quality output, thereby ensuring the consistency of product quality.

🌿 Free of Chlorine:

Prioritizing human health and prolonged equipment lifespan, ZANDOSIL® takes pride in its chlorine-free formulation, promoting a safer and cost-efficient operational environment.

⚙️ Low BET Surface Area (~30 m²/g):

With a lower BET surface area, ZANDOSIL® carries more material per volume, establishing itself as an ideal filler material in the ceramics industry.

The application

But why should one use pyrogenic silica in the ceramics industry at all? The answer is simple; it can bring great advantages in production and product quality. Based on our long-term customer relationships, we have identified the following core application areas and the resulting benefits:

🔥 Enhanced Sintering Control:
Guided by its high purity and low specific surface area, ZANDOSIL® enables manufacturers to monitor their sintering process, enhancing the performance, stability, and strength of ceramic products.

🧪 Excellent Rheology Control:
Acting as a rheology moderator in the casting process, ZANDOSIL® oversees the viscosity of ceramic slips, thereby ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

↔️ Reduced Shrinkage:
Confronting the usual problem of shrinkage during drying and firing processes, ZANDOSIL® effectively mitigates this, preserving the shape and dimensions of the final ceramic product.

💪 Improved Mechanical Strength and Durability:
As a filler and binding agent, ZANDOSIL® bolsters the hardness and durability of ceramic products, adding remarkable value.

🌊 Anti-Settling Agent:
ZANDOSIL® creates an anti-settling matrix and therefore a stable suspension, preventing solid particles from settling and ensuring that every ceramic piece was of the highest quality.

Unlock the true potential of your ceramics with Heraeus ZANDOSIL® pyrogenic silica. Harnessing its remarkable SiO2 purity, chlorine-free assurance, enhanced sintering control, and anti-settling matrix, ZANDOSIL® empowers you to reach new heights of ceramic excellence. Together, let's master the art of ceramic production.

Struggling with handling of pyrogenic silica powder? We offer our material in our patented spray granulate format ZANDOSIL® G220 as well! Click here to go to our ZANDOSIL® product page, where you can find more information about the material and its applications!