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Heraeus Quartz North America in Buford Commissions Solar Project on Corporate Office Rooftop

New technology

Heraeus Quartz North America LLC (HQNA) has achieved a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to sustainability – the completion of a solar project at our site in Buford. The positive impact of this project reflects our strong dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and embracing renewable energy solutions. The new solar installation in Buford will contribute to our goal to continuously increase the already significant proportion of green electricity even more.

HQNA President Tony Musa reiterated, "We are committed to furthering our sustainability initiatives across all aspects of our operations. Whether it’s through energy efficient practices, green energy initiatives, or promoting eco friendly behaviors, each one of us has a role to play in creating a more sustainable future."

Heraeus Comvance continues to focus on sustainability within our organization and beyond to create a more livable environment and an environmentally conscious future.