Elevating food quality with ZANDOSIL®: The clear choice for your needs

In the competitive landscape of food production, every ingredient matters. Achieving that perfect blend of taste, texture, and quality is largely dependent on the purity and performance of the materials used. Enter ZANDOSIL® – Heraeus' answer to the stringent demands of today’s food industry.

The material

Heraeus has expanded its expertise to meet the specialized needs of food manufacturers with ZANDOSIL®. An ultra-pure fumed silica, ZANDOSIL® is revolutionizing applications in food processing as a trusted additive.

💎 Unmatched SiO2 Purity (>99.99 wt. %):
ZANDOSIL® raises the standard for ingredient purity, providing food producers with a clean additive that helps maintain the integrity and quality of their products.

🌿 Chlorine-Free Composition:
With safety and quality at the forefront, ZANDOSIL®'s chlorine-free status ensures that food products are free from unwanted residues, aligning with health-conscious market trends.

⚙️ Optimized BET Surface Area (~30 m²/g):
The specialized low surface area of ZANDOSIL® aids in delivering consistent performance in food applications, supporting an even distribution of ingredients and textures.

The application

Why choose pyrogenic silica for the food industry? ZANDOSIL® can significantly enhance manufacturing processes and end-product quality, addressing common challenges faced in food production. Based on our long-term customer relationships, we have identified the following core application areas and the resulting benefits:

🔥 Improved Thermal Stability:
ZANDOSIL®'s excellent thermal properties provide stability in food items that undergo temperature changes, ensuring consistent quality from production to consumption.

🧪 Superior Flow & Anti-Caking Agent:
The exceptional characteristics of ZANDOSIL® make it a dynamic flow aid and anti-caking agent, ensuring that powdered food products maintain their desired consistency and are easy to process and package.

↔️ Moisture Regulation:
ZANDOSIL® effectively manages moisture content in products, protecting against clumping and spoilage, and extending shelf life without altering taste or aroma.

🌊 Emulsion Stabilization:
In liquid products, ZANDOSIL® acts as a stabilizing agent, maintaining the desired texture of emulsions such as dressings and sauces, and preventing separation.

Take your food products to the next level with ZANDOSIL® pyrogenic silica. Embrace the unparalleled purity and performance that ZANDOSIL® offers, and make it the keystone of your production process for enhanced stability, texture, and quality. Let's shape the future of food excellence together with Heraeus.

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