Elevate your cosmetics formulations with ZANDOSIL®: Purity meets beauty

When it comes to personal care and cosmetics, consumers seek products that not only enhance their natural beauty but also are kind to their skin. ZANDOSIL® addresses this demand with a high-purity pyrogenic silica, ideal for creating safe and effective cosmetic products.

The material

Introducing ZANDOSIL®, Heraeus' answer to the cosmetics industry's need for ingredients that support clear and consistent formulations, delivering both luxury and performance to the end user.

💎 Unmatched SiO2 Purity (>99.99 wt. %):
ZANDOSIL® stands out in cosmetics with its exceptional purity, providing formulators with a reliable ingredient that ensures product clarity and quality.

🌿 No Chlorine Content:
The chlorine-free nature of ZANDOSIL® means safer formulations for sensitive skin and prolonged shelf life, avoiding the risk of irritation and instability that chlorine compounds can bring.

⚙️ Ideal BET Surface Area (~30 m²/g):
The specific surface area of ZANDOSIL® promotes even distribution within cosmetic compositions, contributing to a smooth texture and consistent application.

The application

Incorporating ZANDOSIL® into cosmetic formulations can improve the product experience in a multitude of ways, from the feel of the product upon application to its lasting effect on the skin.

🎨 Matte Finish Effect:
ZANDOSIL® can be used to achieve a desirable matte finish in make-up products, controlling shine and providing a velvety, luxurious skin feel.

🔁 Thickening and Thixotropic Agent:
ZANDOSIL® improves the texture and stability of creams and lotions, providing a rich feel and preventing separation of ingredients for a consistent experience from the first use to the last.

🌬️ Moisture Scavenging:
ZANDOSIL®'s ability to absorb moisture extends to cosmetic powders, where it helps maintain dryness, preventing caking and preserving the intended performance.

🛡️ UV Protection Enhancement:
By incorporating ZANDOSIL® into formulations, it can boost the effectiveness of sunscreens and products with SPF, aiding in the even distribution of UV-absorbing ingredients, resulting in enhanced protection from harmful rays without affecting the skin's natural tone and texture.

💧 Humidity and Sebum Absorption:
ZANDOSIL® effectively manages moisture and oil levels, contributing to longer-lasting make-up wear and comfort throughout the day.

Experience the transformative effects of ZANDOSIL® in your cosmetic line. Our high-purity pyrogenic silica is meticulously designed to elevate your products, providing the touch of elegance that discerning customers desire. Embrace ZANDOSIL® in your formulations and watch as your brand becomes synonymous with purity, luxury, and innovation.

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