Achieve unmatched bonding with ZANDOSIL® in sealants and adhesives

In a world where materials are constantly being pushed to their limits, the bond that holds them together is pivotal. Whether it's enduring the stress of expansion and contraction or providing a watertight seal, the role of adhesives and sealants is critical. ZANDOSIL® has been engineered to ensure your sealants and adhesives don't just stick, but last.

The material

Heraeus introduces ZANDOSIL®, a superior purity pyrogenic silica, to the sealants and adhesives industry, setting a new standard for performance.

💎 Supreme SiO2 Purity (>99.99 wt. %):
ZANDOSIL® delivers a new caliber of purity to adhesives and sealants, ensuring that the integral performance of your products remains uncompromised.

🌿 Zero Chlorine Formulation:
The absence of chlorine in ZANDOSIL® not only means it's more environmentally responsible but also guarantees that the structural integrity of your sealants and adhesives isn't compromised by corrosive substances.

⚙️ Optimal BET Surface Area (~30 m²/g):
ZANDOSIL®'s controlled surface area allows for a consistent filler distribution, which is crucial for a uniform bond and reliable performance.

The application

The incorporation of pyrogenic silica like ZANDOSIL® into sealants and adhesives is more than just a trend; it's a commitment to quality and longevity. Based on our long-term customer relationships, we have identified the following core application areas and the resulting benefits:

🎨 Color Stability Preservation:
Preventing yellowing or discoloration, ZANDOSIL® helps in maintaining the original color and clarity of transparent and pigmented adhesive formulations over time.

🧪 Rheological Control:
By introducing ZANDOSIL®, the viscosity and thixotropy of adhesives and sealants can be finely tuned for optimal application and enduring structural integrity.

↔️ Improved Mechanical Strength:
Adding ZANDOSIL® to the mix fortifies the mechanical strength of the product, resisting stretching and tearing even under tough conditions.

⚖️ Balance in Cure Rate:
ZANDOSIL® contributes to controlling the cure rate of sealants and adhesives, ensuring a more predictable and manageable setting process, which is vital for both user application and long-term performance.

🌬️ Moisture Scavenging:
ZANDOSIL® acts to absorb residual moisture, a common villain behind weakened adhesive bonds and sealant failure.

Elevate the standard of your sealants and adhesives with ZANDOSIL® pyrogenic silica. Experience the heightened performance and reliability that come with its superior purity and specialized formulation. Choose ZANDOSIL® and give your products the edge they need to hold strong in the most demanding environments. Let Heraeus be your partner in building a stronger, more resilient future.

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