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European quality – Valued globally

Long-lasting relationships with our customers are proof of our strong commitment to quality and dedication. Heraeus business was initiated over 360 years ago and has been growing since. During this time, we've built a strong reputation and earned the trust of our customers by always offering high quality.

With a rich history in glass-making that spans over a century, and more than 50 years of experience in providing materials for optical telecom fibers, Heraeus Comvance continues to uphold the high standards of quality that Heraeus is respected for.

Heraeus Comvance has established itself as a reliable partner in the optical fiber industry. Did you know we've provided enough glass in 2021 for more than 1.5 billion kilometers of optical fiber worldwide? That’s like wrapping the Earth's equator about 40,000 times! Due to its high quality, our cladding glass has become the top choice for many industry-leading manufacturers. Our solid reputation is a testament to our commitment to quality over time.

Quality above all

At Heraeus Comvance, we always prioritize quality. Our promise to the customer using Online RIC® or our tube products is to enable high productivity in their fiber draw plant, coming from large production batches with little setup time, and from very low rate of online fiber breaks and proof test failures. Thus we make sure our manufacturing processes are top-notch, and our quality management ensures our products meet customers’ specifications or even exceed them. Because we are dedicated to doing things excellently, we continually improve our quality standards and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Excellence in our quality management system

Throughout the production process, our engineers carefully test specifications at each stage to ensure consistency and stability. We do this with standard metrology equipment from leading suppliers or with specific solutions developed by our own engineers. Our range of measuring tools helps us make sure the products we create are of the best quality. We have strong management policies that help us maintain our high-quality standards. This focus on quality allows us to regularly deliver reliable products that our customers can trust.

Complete control equals guaranteed quality

Thanks to our independent manufacturing, we control the production process from start to finish. This includes going from raw materials to glass, and on to preforms or tubes. Having control over the entire process lets us trace everything back to the raw materials. This way, we can make sure every product leaving our factory is of high quality right from the beginning. In addition, we continually improve standardized processes and introduce automation where possible, to keep production variations to a minium. 

Thomas Kraus

"We ensure only high-quality product is shipped to customers."

Thomas Krause, Plant Manager of Heraeus Comvance in Bitterfeld

Maintaining standards and aiming for improvement

We take standards seriously, adhering to strict regulatory requirements to meet industry standards and maintain ISO certifications. We believe in constantly improving. With our innovative capabilities, we aim to improve and maintain the quality of our fiber while meeting the varied needs of our customers.