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ANGA COM 2024 in Cologne: Heraeus Comvance presents new fiber optic portfolio

Conference and Exhibition
New technology

ANGA COM, Europe's leading business platform for broadband, television and online, will take place in Cologne from 14 to 16 May 2024 and will bring together the top players in the telecommunications industry. Heraeus Comvance will be showcasing its latest products, including the recently launched Pandia® and Supuria® single-mode fibers. These fibers are designed to meet the increasing demand for reliable fiber solutions for broadband expansion. Their innovative coating technology and remarkable resistance to bending make them particularly attractive for demanding enviroments.

Ahead of the event, Heraeus Comvance is looking forward to showcasing its latest products and forging new partnerships. Following the acquisition of a fiber drawing plant in Denmark, the company has been continuously working to expand its production capacity and product offering. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Heraeus Comvance aims to supply the European and EMEA market with high-quality telecom fibers.

In March, Heraeus Comvance launched the new single-mode fibers Pandia® and Supuria®. These products meet the growing demand for high-performance fibers for broadband expansion. Pandia® fibers ensure smooth data transmission, while Supuria® fibers with their bending insensitivity are particularly predestined for complex locations. In addition, a new type of coating has been developed in the months since the takeover of the Danish plant, which has already been tested and introduced by customers.

Visitors are cordially invited to gain deeper insights into the new portfolio at the Heraeus Comvance booth and to talk to the company's representatives. Jan Vydra, Managing Director of Heraeus Comvance, explains the importance of participating in ANGA COM: "ANGA COM is a unique forum for shaping the future of telecommunications. We look forward to showcasing our latest innovations and working with our partners to drive the industry forward."