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Press release

Heraeus Comvance launches distribution of telecom optical fibers

New technology

Heraeus Comvance has launched the distribution of optical fibers for telecom applications in the EMEA region. The optical fibers are manufactured in the company's own factory in Denmark and are based on the proven RIC® technology and a newly developed coating. The single-mode fibers include the Pandia® series for universal use and the Supuria® series with special bending insensitivity and support the ambitious European broadband expansion targets.

Heraeus Comvance now offers customers in the EMEA region optical fibers for telecom applications. In its own factory in Denmark, the fibers are manufactured on the basis of the established RIC® technology with high-purity synthetic quartz glass from German production and a newly developed coating. In addition to Heraeus' traditionally high quality standards, the focus is on a sustainable product from a European supply chain. Heraeus Comvance sees itself as a partner to cable manufacturers, supports marketing activities and addresses the challenges of telecom end users with specific technological developments of existing and future fiber types.

For over 30 years, Heraeus Comvance has been a global expert in the production of synthetic quartz glass for the manufacture of optical fibers for telecommunications. More than 1.5 billion kilometers of fibers have already been drawn from Heraeus quartz glass and based on the RIC® process developed by Heraeus – at more than 20 %, a substantial share of the fibers already installed worldwide.

Building on this tradition, Heraeus acquired a modern factory with experienced personnel for the production of optical fibers in Denmark in 2023 in order to further process some of its own glass and offer optical fibers in the EMEA market.

Supporting ambitious European broadband expansion targets with innovative fiber technology

The European Union and its member states are pursuing ambitious expansion targets and intend to connect the majority of European households to broadband Internet access with a data throughput of one gigabit per second by 2030. Optical fibers are best suited for this. Heraeus Comvance is proud to now be able to support this goal of social participation and strengthening the business location with a fiber product essentially from the European supply chain.

A new type of coating has been developed in the months since the factory was taken over and has already been tested and introduced by customers. In particular, the products address the diverse challenges in the European infrastructure with different administrative and corporate standards regarding the technical design of fiber networks. Particularly important here is the requirement for rapid expansion with limited human and financial resources, as well as compatibility when connecting networks at different levels and from different operators.

Heraeus Comvance initially offers two product families

The single-mode fibers from the Pandia® series are universally applicable and offer uninterrupted data flow with seamless splicing and flexible cable routing. These fibers meet the highest demands and give engineers and designers the freedom to develop innovative and efficient solutions for different telecommunication requirements. With their excellent bending properties and compliance with ITU-T G.657.A1 and ITU-T G.652.D standards, Pandia® fibers are suitable for all applications. They are available dyed in two sizes with a diameter of 250 µm and 200 µm.

The Supuria® series is characterized by their impressive bending insensitivity and enable exceptional flexibility and durability. This unique feature not only enables easy installation and storage, but also ensures improved cable performance. In addition, these single-mode fibers offer great freedom in cable design, making them ideal for installations in difficult locations where adaptability and durability are crucial. Investment plans can thus be implemented more reliably and should enable a secure return on investment. Supuria® fibers are available in two variants – Supuria® compliant with ITU-T G.657.A2 and Supuria® Core, which meets the requirements of ITU-T G.657.A1. In addition, all Supuria® products also comply with ITU-T G.652.D. Each variant is also available dyed in two sizes with a diameter of 250 µm and 200 µm.

Future development of business and product scope

Jan Vydra, president of Heraeus Comvance, explains the further planning: "We want to utilize the new location to capacity over time in order to achieve a substantial share of the fiber market in Europe and neighboring regions."

Martin Böttcher, responsible for business development, also sees an opportunity here to use new types of fiber to meet the increasing requirements for speed and data throughput with limited availability and rising costs for new empty conduits to be laid. Heraeus Comvance has already made a name for itself in this area by developing suitable technologies in the field of multi-core fibers.