As a global leader in manufacturing highly pure synthetic quartz glass for fiber optics in communication and specialized applications, since the 1970s, we have utilized our innovative capabilities and extensive expertise to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our customers in the telecom space. We, together with our customers, are shaping this industry.

—— Dr. Jan Vydra, President of Heraeus Comvance

What we offer

We offer a variety of products and solutions for passive components of the telecommunications industry. Our product portfolio includes large RIC® cylinders as cladding for telecom fibers, high purity fused silica tubes for core rod manufacturing as well as preform manufacturing services. Apart from that we are developing products for next-generation optical fibers.

How we shape the telecommunication industry

Since the 1970's, Heraeus has helped shape the telecommunication industry. We supplied our quartz tubes to AT&T for development of the MCVD process to initiate application of optical fibers for telecommunication. We later built a factory in the US to supply the growing demand of these tubes. In parallel we developed a large batch synthetic quartz process and combined it with our invention of the online RIC® system, enabling easy and efficient fiber draw from large preforms. Read more about early developments in optical fiber, challenges for today's fiber producers and technologies of the future.