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Heraeus ZANDOSIL® – Experience pyrogenic silica in new dimensions

Pyrogenic silica of high purity is used in various applications as raw material or as functional additive to optimize product properties. ZANDOSIL® is a high purity silica available in different product solutions: Powder, Granulate and Dispersion.

As a product of our clean-room manufacturing processes, ZANDOSIL® is a synthetic, amorphous silica with highest purity.

Our standard packaging units are Big Bags of 1 m³ and 2 m³ size, drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). Further packaging options are available on request.


ZANDOSIL® powder products are available with a BET-surface of 30 m²/g. The purity of our powder material ranges from 99.99 % to 99.999 %.


Silicon dioxide content (wt. %) > 99.99 > 99.99
Bulk density (g/l) 200 200
Particle size D50 (μm) 9 9
Primary particle size (nm) > 100 > 100
BET-surface area (m2/g) 30 30
pH of substance dispersed in water (4 %) 4.8 4.8
Sieving (100 μm) / x



ZANDOSIL® granulate can be obtained with a particle size between 50 and 260 µm. The purity of our granulate is 99.9 % and can be increased to over 99.999 % through post-purification.


Technical Data

Silicon dioxide content (wt. %) > 99.999
Bulk density (g/l) 800
Particle size D50 (μm) 200-260
BET-surface area (m2/g) 30
pH of substance dispersed in water (4 %) 4.8


ZANDOSIL® is available as water based dispersion. The solid content can be tailored depending on your requirements from 20 % to 63 %. The purity of our dispersed material is above 99.999 %.


 Technical Data

Silicon dioxide content (wt. %) > 99.999 > 99.999
Viscosity at 100s-1 (mPa*s) 5 /
Solid content (wt. %) 20 63

ZANDOSIL® offers a number of advantages that make it a versatile solution for various applications. These advantages include:

High purity: ZANDOSIL® is manufactured to a high degree of purity that ensures there are no impurities that could affect the performance or quality of the final product.

Good chemical stability: ZANDOSIL® has excellent chemical stability so that it retains its properties and performance even in difficult environments or in contact with aggressive chemicals.

High thermal stability and insulation: ZANDOSIL® is designed to withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for applications that require thermal stability. In addition, its insulating properties enable efficient thermal management and electrical insulation.

Good flow properties: ZANDOSIL® exhibits good flow properties and is therefore easy to incorporate into various processes such as casting, molding and bonding. The material flows smoothly and evenly and ensures consistent results.

Easy handling: ZANDOSIL® is designed for easy handling and facilitates the use and integration of the material into various processes. Thanks to its physical properties and user-friendly nature, it is convenient and easy to handle.

All these advantages make it a smart choice for overcoming various challenges in different applications. ZANDOSIL® is used in various industries and applications as raw material or as functional additive. Your pyrogenic silica experts will help you find the best solution for your application.
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