Advancing coating technology with ZANDOSIL®

The quality and performance of coatings and paints significantly depend on the properties of their constituent materials. Heraeus understands this connection and has developed ZANDOSIL®, a high-purity fumed silica designed to enhance the functionality and longevity of coatings in a variety of applications.

The material

Tailored to fit the needs of the modern coatings and paints industry, ZANDOSIL® by Heraeus is a high-purity pyrogenic silica that offers formulators an edge in developing premium products.

💎 Extraordinary SiO2 Purity (>99.99 wt. %):
With ZANDOSIL®, experience the confidence of using an additive that brings a new level of cleanliness to your coatings, ensuring impeccable quality and finish.

🌿 Zero Chlorine Content:
ZANDOSIL®'s commitment to offering a chlorine-free product not only aligns with environmental standards but also reduces corrosion risks in coating processes, benefiting equipment and end-users alike.

⚙️ Advanced BET Surface Area (~30 m²/g):
Ideal for coatings and paints applications, the optimized surface area of ZANDOSIL® ensures superior suspension and distribution within formulations, enhancing the stability of your products.

The application

Why integrate pyrogenic silica like ZANDOSIL® into coatings and paints? The answer is clear – ZANDOSIL® has the power to transform the properties of coatings, increasing performance and consumer satisfaction. Based on our long-term customer relationships, we have identified the following core application areas and the resulting benefits:

🔥 Reinforced Thermal Resistance:
Coatings enhanced with ZANDOSIL® can withstand higher thermal stresses, guarding against discoloration and degradation to maintain the beauty of surfaces over time.

🧪 Improved Rheological Properties:
ZANDOSIL® alters the flow and leveling characteristics of paints and coatings, providing better control during application and preventing sagging or running.

↔️ Scratch and Abrasion Resistance:
Incorporating ZANDOSIL® heightens the durability of coatings, making surfaces more resistant to wear and tear, preserving their aesthetic appeal for longer.

🌾 Enhanced Corrosion Protection:
With ZANDOSIL®, create coatings that effectively shield surfaces from corrosive elements, extending the lifespan of metal structures and components.

Empower your coatings with the advanced properties of ZANDOSIL®  pyrogenic silica. Leverage the high purity and performance of ZANDOSIL® to deliver coatings that stand out for their quality and durability. Partner with Heraeus to incorporate this transformative material into your next generation of coatings.

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