Outstanding performance: Improve your resins with ZANDOSIL®

The resins market is a bedrock of innovation, fueling sectors from automotive to construction with materials that demand performance and consistency. ZANDOSIL®, a premium pyrogenic silica, empowers resin formulators to rise above these challenges, delivering products of unparalleled quality and resilience.

The material

Heraeus presents ZANDOSIL®, the high-purity pyrogenic silica that transforms ordinary resin systems into robust solutions, adept at meeting the exacting needs of a diverse range of applications.

💎 Exceptional SiO2 Purity (>99.99 wt. %):
ZANDOSIL® ensures the highest purity levels, reducing potential defects and elevating the performance of your resin formulations.

🌿 Absence of Chlorine:
With its chlorine-free characteristic, ZANDOSIL® enhances the safety and durability of resins, ensuring they can be used in the most sensitive of applications without risk of corrosion or degradation.

⚙️ Tailored BET Surface Area (~30 m²/g):
The specialized low surface area of ZANDOSIL® provides excellent filler dispersion, which is key to achieving consistency and quality in the final resin product.

The application

Integrating ZANDOSIL® into resin formulations is a strategic move that pays dividends in performance and customer satisfaction. Based on our long-term customer relationships, we have identified the following core application areas and the resulting benefits:

🔩 Increased Load Bearing Capacity:
ZANDOSIL® can improve the compressive and tensile strength of resins, making them suitable for high-stress environments where structural integrity is paramount.

🌡️ Thermal Conductivity Improvement:
With ZANDOSIL®, resins can be engineered to better manage heat dissipation, critical for electronic and automotive applications where temperature control is essential.

🌊 Enhanced Hydrophobicity:
The incorporation of ZANDOSIL® can increase the water resistance of resins, protecting the integrity of materials exposed to moisture and reducing the risk of water-induced damage.

🔗 Improved Adhesion Properties:
ZANDOSIL® can optimize the bond strength of resins to various substrates, increasing the versatility and range of applications for your products.

🌬️ Moisture Scavenging:
By including ZANDOSIL® in resin formulations, it acts as an effective moisture scavenger, extending the longevity and performance of the resin by mitigating the effects of ambient moisture.

Infuse your resins with the transformative properties of ZANDOSIL® pyrogenic silica. Adopt ZANDOSIL® to not only meet but exceed industry demands with a product that stands the test of time and performance. Partner with Heraeus and harness the potential within your resin formulations for a future of possibilities.

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